Rapid prototyping in real series material within a few days

In the past, engineers and designers in product development are usually faced with the same dilemma. It's not possible to produce the prototypes in the desired material. Therefore, a compromise must almost always be made at the expense of functionality.

We're fixing that.

Injex enables rapid prototyping with a virtually unlimited range of high performance materials. Whether thermoplastics, silicones, elastomers or even ceramics and metals. Since the prototypes are produced with a real injection molding process, all commercial injection molding materials are also available.

Thanks to additive (3D printed) tooling, rapid prototypes and small series can be injection molded and delivered within a few working days. Depending on the material and component geometry, prototypes with a shot weight of up to 10 grams are possible.

Injex offers Rapid Prototyping in the following material groups:

Thermoplastic Materials

Thermoplastic Rapid Protoypes

Silicone and Elastomers

Silicone Molding Prototypes

Metals (Metal-Injection-Molding | MIM)

Metal Injection Molding Prototypes MIM

Ceramics (Ceramic-Injection-Molding | CIM)

Ceramic Injection Molding Prototypes CIM