Injection Molding as a Rapid Prototyping Process

Virtually no hardware product can do without injection molded parts these days. Nevertheless, the development of such injection molded components is still a great challenge. This is primarily due to the high investment costs and the long lead times associated with the production of injection molding tools.

In order to increase innovation in medical technology, robotics, electronics, sensor technology, wearables, internet of things (IoT), and in countless other areas, prototypes must be able to be tested quickly and inexpensively but still represent the limitations of series production and difficulties with Design for Manufacture (DFM). In order to make this possible in injection molding, Injex has developed a novel process, which is based on three know-how areas:

Additive Tooling

Injection molding tools from the 3D printer. This massively reduces initial costs and processing times.

Using a whole arsenal of high-precision 3D printing processes, we manufacture high-quality injection molding tools with high surface quality, good dimensional stability and high thermal and mechanical resistance.

More about 3D Printed Molds

Versatile Mold Making

We have completely re-thought the mold construction from scratch. Instead of massive, heavy and expensive steel blocks, we manufacture small, handy and enormously versatile tools. So iterations on the component can be carried out quickly and cheaply. Metal-safe (or "steel-safe") design is a thing of the past.

Despite the comparatively simple construction of our tools, even complex geometries with undercuts, threads, etc. can be produced without problems.

Design Guidelines for Complex Geometries

Agile Injection Molding System

Together with the mold construction and tool production, we have also re-thought the injection molding system from the ground up. As a result, we have developed our own small-format injection molding machines, where a new tooling system and material can be loaded in less than 30 minutes.

With this system, injection molded components with a shot weight of up to 10 grams can be produced in a very short time.

Selecting Materials for Rapid Prototyping