Injection Molding Overnight

Injection Molded Prototypes

Real injection molded parts in under a week

Injex produces prototypes and small series using real injection molding. Typical lead times for first samples are three to six working days.

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Additive Tooling

Low initial costs thanks to «Additive Tooling»

Injex manufactures most of the injection molded tooling using high quality 3D printing processes. This allows us to combine the advantages of injection molding with the speed and low initial costs of additive manufacturing.

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Design Guidelines

Small and complex are our specialty

For small- and micro-components up to 10 grams, Injex is the fastest and most dependable source. We also take on challenges in micro injection molding (<0.01 gram).

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Small Series Injection Molding

Seamless from first prototype to series production

Test in series-grade material as early as possible, quickly implement design iterations and scale to series production in the shortest possible time. This is made possible by Injex together with our network of experienced partners and suppliers.

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Rapid Prototyping in Series Material

Besides all commercially available thermoplastics from polypropylene to PEEK, we also process silicones, ceramics and metals. This allows even complex injection molding technologies, such as 2K injection molding, to be tested as close as possible to series production.

Material Selection

The advantages of injection molding and 3D printing technologies

Direct comparison between injection molding and the various additive processes shows the difficulty of developing new plastic components. Injex offers the alternative that combines the best of both worlds.

3D Printing Vs Injection Molding - Technology Comparison

Mission: Establishing Injection Molding as a Rapid Prototyping Process

We made this our challenge when Injex was founded in 2016 in the basements of ETH Zurich. Since then, we have been able to realize hundreds of injection molding projects with customers from a wide variety of sectors.

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