Micro injection molding is our speciality

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When the injection molded part is smaller than a single plastic pellet, it requires exceptional precision and process control. Injection molds for micro-components are particularly expensive, as they also require a special level of know-how and infrastructure.

The high-resolution 3D printing processes used by Injex to manufacture the injection molds are capable of accurately reproducing features in the order of 100 microns. And due to the low heat input into the tool, micro components are even particularly suitable for the «Additive Tooling» process.

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Prototypes delivered in one week

Thanks to the fast, additive tool production, lead times for the first micro injection molding samples can be reduced from several months to a few working days. This allows functional tests to be carried out on series material and necessary design iterations to be identified at an early stage.

Fastest Injection Molded Prototypes

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When 3D Printing is no alternative

In micro applications, many of the common 3D printing processes fail due to a lack of precision. Even more precise processes such as Stereolithography come to their limits when the component is hardly recognizable due to its many support points and the high effort of post-processing.

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Material properties on the micro scale

Especially with micro components the material properties are of decisive importance. Therefore micro injection molding is often the only option. At Injex, micro-prototypes can also be produced in all common thermoplastics, elastomers, silicones and even ceramics and metals. Highest performance engineering thermoplastics are also available.

Selecting the right materials

2K and inserts in micro injection molding

The flexible tool construction of Injex is particularly suitable for special applications such as multi-component injection molding or overmolding of inserts. The rapid adaptation of tools also allows high-frequency testing and iteration of complex system components.

2K Injection Molding