Produce small batch sizes economically by injection molding

Injection Molded Prototypes Short Run

The high cost of a traditional injection mold is an obstacle for many applications. Therefore, injection molded parts are usually only considered if at least 10'000 pieces per year are required. Thanks to the additive manufacturing of the injection molds and the resulting cost reduction, Injex can change this.

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Low initial costs and low unit costs

Since no complex milling or erosion work is required, a small series tool at Injex is a fraction of the costs of an aluminium or steel tool. At the same time, the unit costs can be minimized by partial or complete automation of the injection process.

Comparison of the Technologies

Injection Molded Small Series

Small series in one to two weeks

Time is money. This saying also applies to injection molded parts. When entire process chains come to a standstill just because the plastic parts are missing, it costs time, money and nerves. Therefore, Injex has made speed its top priority. Small series are usually produced and shipped within one to two weeks.

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Validation in advance for risk minimization

In order to ensure as quickly as possible that the design is correct and the component meets all requirements, it is advisable to carry out a validation with injection molding prototypes in advance.

Injection Molded Rapid Prototyping