2K Spritzguss Bauteile

2K injection molding within one day

Many parts require components made of different materials, which in combination enable the desired functionality. These can be seals, dampers, hinges, handles, pinch valves or countless other components.

Materials Selection

Multi-component injection molding enables functionality

The injection molding process is very well suited to produce components from different materials and to join them firmly together in the same production step. However, the classic tools for this process are even more expensive and complex than 1-component molds, as at least one half of the tool has to be replaced for each material used.

Low tool costs thanks to << Additive Tooling >>

Mikrobauteile Injex also manufactures injection molds for multi-component parts using 3D printing. This massively reduces lead times and tool costs. This process is particularly suitable for small components with a maximum shot weight of 10 grams.

More about Additive Mold Manufacturing

Prototypes for fast validation

With the manufactured prototype tools, batch sizes from five to approx. 100 pieces can be produced economically and quickly. These prototypes help to test the functionality of the component quickly and in the correct materials. Necessary design changes can be identified early in the development process and expensive iterations in the later steel tool can be avoided.

Prototyping using Injection Molding