The fastest service for injection molded components

From our close cooperation with start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, and large international corporations, we know only too well the challenges involved in the development of new injection molded components. Prototypes from the 3D printer can be obtained quickly and cheaply, but they often cannot be relied upon for functional tests. On the other hand, with injection molded parts you are forced to wait too long and the budget can usually only cope with one iteration.

Injection Molding vs. 3D Printing

Low costs thanks to prototype tools from the 3D printer

Konstruktion Spritzguss Prototypenwerkzeugen From this problem, Injex was born. The combination of 3D printing and injection molding results in the optimal solution. Additive manufactured tools are available within a few hours and reduce initial costs significantly. The components produced in this injection molding process have the same mechanical properties, chemical properties, and other functional properties as their conventional serial parts.

Injection Molded Prototypes

Reliable for small components

Small components up to a maximum of 10 grams can be procured in production grade material within a few working days with the service of Injex. Regarding design guidelines, the same possibilities and restrictions apply as with classical injection molding.

Design Rules for Injection Molding

From the first functional tests to small series production

Prototypen Assembly Injex accompanies you in the development of new injection molded components from the conceptualization and the first functional tests to the production of small series. Our experience from hundreds of successfully implemented injection molding projects is also available in an advisory capacity. Whether you need component design advice, materials selection or the procurement of large series, we are here to help.

Injection Molded Small Series

The entire process chain in-house

To reliably source injection molded parts within a few working days, the entire manufacturing process must be under control. That's why we've integrated the entire process, from tool design, through tool manufacture, to parts production, all in-house. The key to this speed is our small-format injection molding machines developed in-house. Thus we are independent and can maintain our agility.

Techonology Overview