Showcases and Knowhow

The right material for the right injection molding application.

Besides the mold, the material is probably the most important factor for the success of any plastic component.

Büchi Labortechnik AG is a leading global supplier of laboratory technology solutions for research and development, quality assurance and production. Torson Injex AG supplies Büchi with a wide variety of injection molded components and customized multi-component solutions.

The Autodest sensor presented here is used for automatic optimization of distillation parameters and combines several interesting manufacturing technologies in one product.

ETH spinoff IDUN Technologies is developing soft, dry electrodes for long-term brainwave measurement. Torson Injex has accompanied the development of this sophisticated 2K injection molded component. Within a very short time, five iterations and a wide variety of material pairings were successfully implemented.

In collaboration with the University of Fribourg, the startup Glassomer has developed a feedstock that enables the processing of glass in powder injection molding. The collaboration between Injex and Glassomer enables the rapid and economical implementation of complex and high-precision components made of silica glass.

PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic which is only used for highly demanding applications, since it is also very hard to process. At Injex we took the challenge to demonstrate that PEEK prototypes can be produced in as little as 24 hours.

When developing new types of in-ear silicone shells, Sonova previously had to accept waiting times of up to six weeks for new prototypes. With Injex' additive tooling process, this time has now be reduced to a few days.

The two startups 2point Engineering and Injex collaborated on the development of a portable cooling vest. Using additively manufactured tooling, Injex first carried out a material test for laser welding trials and then manufactured a small series of 200 in injection molding.

Sonova is a leading provider of all types of solutions for hearing loss. The company's main products include hearing aids, cochlear implants and other audiology products with digital solutions. The goal of the collaboration with Injex was to produce thin-walled battery holders that can be manufactured and delivered within one week.