New possibilities in toolmaking with the Form E 350 die-sinking EDM machine from GF.


Torson Injex AG is an established Zurich-based company specializing in the production of injection molded components and customized connectors. The company has earned an excellent reputation for flexibility, fast delivery times and excellent on-time delivery.

In order to offer its customers even better services and products, Torson Injex AG began expanding its in-house moldmaking operations last year. The aim was to optimize the manufacture of molds and the production of injection-molded components in-house in order to be able to respond even faster and more efficiently to customer requirements.

In this context, a new die-sinking EDM machine from GF, a Form E 350, was recently installed. The machine is a real highlight in the production of injection molds and enables Torson Injex AG to manufacture molds with the highest precision and quality. The die-sinking EDM machine from GF is an important part of the toolmaking process and offers the company various new possibilities.


Not only can this precision machine produce hardened molded parts, it can also map a wide variety of surface finishes, depending on customer requirements. From rough textures for improved haptics to extremely fine surfaces for transparent components with Ra=0.1µm, everything can be reproduced. Rounded edges, which the milling cutter could not reach, are also a thing of the past.

In short, with the new die-sinking EDM machine from GF, Torson Injex AG can now produce even more sophisticated tools and injection-molded components. The company is thus able to offer its customers even more customized solutions and can continue to focus on its strengths: Flexibility, fast delivery times and excellent adherence to delivery dates.

We take a look back: Additive Manufacturing Expo 2021

With the title "Additive manufacturing as a catalyst for technical innovation", Torson Injex CEO Oliver Schlatter took us into the world of additive tooling and how this process has developed over time. New tool combinations for the creation of prototypes, innovation driven by 3D printing and dwarves from the Discworld, these are just a few keywords from this exciting presentation.

Media Release

ETH startup Injex takes over established company Torson Kunststofftechnik AG

Oerlikon, 19.01.2021

  • The young ETH startup Injex AG is merging with the plastics technology company "Torson Kunststofftechnik AG" based in Oerlikon ZH.
  • Injex AG has taken over the entire production operation and all 22 employees of Torson Kunststofftechnik AG as of 01.12.2020.
  • Both companies will be merged in the course of the year. However, the product range as well as the brands of both companies will remain unchanged.

Lorenz Camenzind and Peter Joder - the previous business owners of Torson Kunststofftechnik AG, are relinquishing management, but will continue to support the company in an advisory capacity for a while.

"After more than two decades of entrepreneurial success, the time has come to hand over our company - Torson Kunststofftechnik AG - to a new generation," says Lorenz Camenzind.

By the new generation, he means Oliver Schlatter and Tobias Ammann. They are the founders and owners of Injex AG in Schlieren, an ETH Zurich startup. The young company specializes in "additive tooling" - injection molding tools from the 3D printer.

The foundation stone of Injex was laid in 2015 in a prototype workshop at ETH Zurich. Frustration with the limited choice of materials and their properties in 3D printing led to the development of a refined injection molding process.

The ability to quickly create near-series prototypes is of particular interest to companies developing products made of plastics. They can use injection molded prototypes created at short notice and in small quantities, in order to access and thus test production materials at the development stage. This represents a major advantage for many applications in industry.

The merger of the two companies offers a variety of possibilities. The additive mold production of Injex and the agile injection molding system with the small-format Torson injection molding machines make it possible to produce both near-series prototypes and large-scale production of complex plastic parts in a short time. This enables prototype development and series production from a single source.

"We are very excited about this new opportunity and are motivated to steer this tradition-steeped company into the future" - Oliver Schlatter

Left: Oliver Schlatter, right: Tobias Ammann

We will be happy to provide you with further information on the business takeover upon request.

Oliver Schlatter
CEO Injex AG & Torson Kunststofftechnik AG
+41 44 244 08 44