Establishing Injection Molding as a Rapid Prototyping Process

We have been committed to this mission from the very beginning. Our goal is to strengthen the general innovative power by means of faster prototype parts that perform closer to series production parts. Being able to use and test series materials as early as the development stage represents an unbeatable advantage for many applications.

History: A start-up from ETH Zurich

The foundation stone of Injex was laid in 2015 in a prototyping workshop at ETH Zurich. Frustration with the limited choice of materials and their properties in 3D printing led to the development of a sophisticated injection molding process.

The first attempts brought rapid success and the fully automated injection molding system has been continuously improving ever since.


f.l.t.r.: (1) Tobias Ammann - Founder / CTO (2) Oliver Schlatter - Founder / CEO (3) Besim Ademi - Project Leader Injection Molded Prototyping (4) Carl P-Conquilla - Embedded Systems Engineer

Not shown / New: Dondup Khorlhatsang - Prototype Production | Christoph Poiger - Head of Production and Planning




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